SMYB's Mission is to provide the youth of our community with instruction and guidance in their development, both mentally and physically, in the game of Baseball while building their character and sportsmanship in a safe, positive, and fun environment.

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SMYB Home Run Club
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Stephanie Walker
Date Name Division Team Field
2/25/18 Benny LePine Travel Slam Chase Field, Carlsbad
3/11/18 Blake Gordon Travel Venom Rio Vista Park, Peoria, AZ
4/7/18 Johnny Hofmann Travel Slam MSP 1
4/21/18 Hunter Bryson Pony Padres MSP 2
4/28/18 Finn Anderson Pinto Cardinals MSP 7
5/5/18 Max Adolph Bronco Dodgers MSP 3
5/10/18 Hunter Bryson (2) Pony Padres MSP 2
5/20/18 Thomas Gideon Stallion Smash MSP 4
5/25/18 Brody Layne Stallion Smash MSP 4
5/26/18 Brody Layne (2) Stallion Smash MSP 1
5/26/18 Jackson Tomechek Travel Slam MSP 1
5/26/18 Ethan Martinez Travel Slam MSP 1
5/27/18 Ty Sagaser Travel Slam MSP 1
9/16/18 John Youngkin Travel Storm MSP3
6/18 Jordan Lew (3) Travel Venom Cooperstown
6/18 Jacob Crain (3) Travel Venom Cooperstown
6/18 Jason Smith (4) Travel Venom Cooperstown
6/18 Mitchell Thomas (4) Travel Venom Cooperstown
6/18 Blake Gordan (3) Travel Venom Cooperstown
6/18 Andrew Owen Travel Venom Cooperstown
6/18 Liam Dufour (2) Travel Venom Cooperstown
6/27/18 Kenny Fujikawa Travel Venom Cooperstown
10/7/18 Kyle Rogers Travel Venom MSP 2
4/6/19 Johnny Hofmann Travel Slam MSP 3
5/25/19 Benny LePine Travel Slam MSP 3
7/12/19 Brayden Guardia All Stars SM Storm Simi Valley Field 2



* Indicates GRAND SLAM